“Domestic GODESS”  (2020)

Domestic Goddess’ – is a small photo series,
contemplating women’s work, the roles of women in my
family, their hardships, vulnerabilities, strengths and how
these examples affect my beliefs about my femininity,
how they differ and compare.

    These photographs ridicule and celebrate the symbol
of the ‘domestic goddess’, and attempt, once again,
to overlay irony with sincerity over this subject matter
that is so close to me and my questions about womanhood.

    Staged in domestic spaces, I aim to highlight the contrast
between the beauty standards and desirableness
women may strive to achieve, and the contradicting
settings and realities they are experienced in.

    The domestic goddess is the everyday woman -
a physically strong and capable woman.
Hardworking, accommodating and vulnerable with
infinite softness. She is beautiful and sexual with
dreams and passions - sublimated, through the value of
her beauty and desire to be loved and contained.